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This year sees the launch of the NATHAN Filmmaker Awards, not only as an opportunity to give back to the filmmakers whose films are voted the best of the best, but also our commitment to fostering the growth of the trail and ultra running film genre.

Through this voting page, you will have the opportunity as audience members to vote for your favourite films, the stories and the visuals that moved you in a way that only film can do.


AWARD #1 - Most Innovative Storyteller

As with all successful productions, the film's Director is at the heart and soul of how a story is presented. Their keen eye and well-rounded vision of what their productions should look like, are what sets each Director apart. This award is aimed at rewarding the direction of the film, the story behind the imagery and how the story is brought to life through the film as a whole, including the characters and the location. If the story moved you, in a way that is inexplicable yet it motivates you to want to discover more in your own trail running, then vote for it below.

Most Innovative Story Teller


AWARD #2 - Best Cinematography

Pictures speak a thousand words! This award is aimed at rewarding the visual story of the film and how the film maker/s bring the story to life through their use of innovative film making techniques, breath-taking scenes, clever POV (point of view) and other types of camera angles. It's all in the way they use emotively framed scenes where small nuances are brought to the attention of the audience, scenes that you will take with you on your next run as visual motivation. If the film left you gobsmacked or simply spellbound by the visual showcase experienced then vote for it below.

Best Cinematography


Votes are tallied through both public (50%) and internal guest judging panel (50%) voting, and will be awarded as equal $1,000.00 (USD) cash prizes to winning filmmakers in each category. The filmmakers acknowledge and warrant that they own all intellectual rights to the film and that the film is not being represented illegally or without rights. Should winning films be deemed to have been misrepresented by the said filmmaker/s, the prize will be rendered null and void and a recalculation of the votes will be conducted. All decisions announced by the management of the Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Festival are final, and will be announced publicly on the 10th of December 2017.




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The Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Festival is an annual international film tour for the community, by the community, bringing a collection of the finest trail and ultra running films to passionate audiences around the world. Join like-minded trail runners and adventure sports enthusiasts at film festival-styled events in almost 30 countries as they come together to celebrate the diverse culture of the sport.

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